Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Something wicked this way comes...

Hurricane Wilma scares me. When I was a younger and (unsurprisingly) more foolish young man, I used to joke about how hurricanes were no big deal. My running joke was I had slept through more hurricanes than most people had seen in their lifetime. While this was true in a way, only one of them was ever anything close to a direct hit. After last year when I had 3 hurricanes come within a short distance of hitting me (and my old school , Florida Christian College where I was living at the time, suffered great damage) I realized that these weren't things to celebrate, to use as an excuse to get off of work or to throw a party for. These were real, destructive forces. The line that turned the period on the end of that thought into an exclamation mark came when Hurricane Katrina ravaged, raped, and destroyed the Upper Gulf Coast area in general, and New Orleans, LA in particular.

Now we are faced with a hurricane that's a record setter. Most intense hurricane on record. A record tying 21st named storm in an Atlantic season. A record tying 12th hurricane in a season. Not to mention that this is the third Category 5 hurricane this season (and I should not need to remind you what the previous two, Katrina and Rita, did in terms of damage). This is the equivalent of 3 serious earthquakes hitting the west coast. Wow.

Right now it looks like Wilma is going to hit south of me, but that's still too close for comfort, especially since I'm still very much within that projected path "cone." I will try to keep those who read this updated on info as far as if I have to evacuate.

Please join me in prayer for all those who have been, are being, and will be affected by this hurricane. May God be with us all.


Reverend Brainfish said...

I told you stop eating chilli! :)

AdamWeeden said...
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AdamWeeden said...

i told you stop eating chilli! :)