Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Adam Weeden: Preacher, Programmer....Playwright?

I have always known that God has blessed me more than others in the realm of written communication. I wrote my first short story at 8 and, after winning a competition at my school with it, got to present it at a local writing convention. I got my first poem published at 14. And now I have had my first play that I have written recognized as being one of the best in my Introduction to Theater class, being one of the three plays chosen out of my class of about 30.

I say none of this to brag or to boast, for I know that not only do none of these accolades make me a better person than anyone else, but more importantly I know that none of these talents that I have originate within me. I label them as they are: gifts of God above.

My play is entitled "The Reluctant Soldier" and is more of what my professor refers to as a "playlet" than a traditional play (seeing as it is only about thirteen pages long and could probably be acted out in 15 minutes realistically). I will try to get a link up to it as soon as I can, so that I can share it with others who would be interested.

This does make me slightly excited though. I now have to direct some other students of my class in it. I don't want to sound "hollywood" or trite, but I want to make sure that my artistic vision of the play is reproduced accurately. I will have to make sure I walk the fine line of firm about what I want and being a dictator to people who essentially have virtually no choice to work on my play. I pray that God guides me through this time to have patience and wisdom.

UPDATED 10/19/2005 5:55 PM

Play can be downloaded here.

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